Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time a fairy come to visit my table, I take her sketch and blow her breath of life. It was take a few days, but now she ready to fly again.

Size 7.09" X 10.43" (18cm X 26.5cm)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Work in progress

A while ago I do a sketch, and now it is time to work on it. So I started with create the surface with my embellisher, and I will see what is it going up...

Weaving paper

I saw Los Ojos flickr and this photo catch my eyes. So I decided to try weaving a paper. I found how to do that in that link a while ago. And yesterday I start to do that.

I take ephemera card, size as visiting card, and start to cut & fold, and play with some combinations. And finally I glue on paper scrap background . Other side I put magnet, so you can use it as fridge magnet.

Size 2.5" * 2.9" (6.5 cm*7.4 cm)