Sunday, May 3, 2009

Textile Bowl

I created this bowl after I receive a Hebrew song as a muse.

I want to create that kind of bowl a long time ago and I found it appropriate to the feeling of that song. I catch separate word and put them together in this bowl.

I hope you like it. Registered & Protected


arlee said...

lovely effect, delicate looking

Tammy said...

Hi There,
So glady you stopped by.
Love your art, so full of new life.

Thank You for donating to this wonderful cause, and sweet little Alexis.
You can either put your art piece up for auction on your site, or send me a jpg to with the info. and I will post it on my site.
Winning bidder will be annouced on June 14th.
All checks are made payable to the Children Hospital and mailed to Jill (Alexis Mom).
The shipping will be paid by the buyer.
Again Thank You So Much!!
I am adding your blog link to my site.
Blessings, and Hugs!

Anonymous said...

This is just gorgeous! I love it very much.

Anonymous said...

i still come to peek post at this post quite often. i LOVE this piece!! you're brilliant, orit!

Orit said...

If you know how much difficult to me to created this piece, you will not believe...