Saturday, December 11, 2010

Knitted recycling bath matte

A while ago, I see that my bath need a new bath matte, so I decide to knitted that from fabric that I cannot found what to do with them, sheet that it is not my type and other "ugly" fabric.

I cut them too many strips and start knitted, and suddenly my material almost finished, so I stopped for a while. One day my hand was scratchy and I was continuing my knitting and think what other material can be appropriate to finish that bath matte that I cannot need to bought. I suddenly remember that I had thick yarn scraps that were appropriate for this matte.

Therefore, here is it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Healthy wishes

What are your wishes for the Jewish New Year? Zohar asked for healthy life for her and her family.

I think many of us had a lot of words to describe what is healthy life, but what can I do if I should not use words for that? I need to create a piece of art or craft without words as main issue? How can I do that?

So I looking for health goddess and I find that  Hygieia was the goddess of health. If so I decide to create hanging doorknob with her face to keep house health.


For now I make for her family, what can I create for her health?

I keep reading about Hygieia and found that she had some representations during the history, and also nowadays. One of them is Hypatia, which even once did not married in the assertion that is "betrothed to truth", but what is the truth?

What is the internal truth of the person? The truth that bestows the mental health and the physiological health.

I was looking for truth symbol and found that at druidism (one of the nations of the Celtic), am Awen (inspiration in Welsh). The three of the rudiments of this symbol are understand of the truth, love of the truth and guarding of the truth.

So I decided to created this pendant that supposed to give inspiration to her truth, the truth that will bestow mental health & physiological. Registered & Protected

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Mediterranean view

This emotional piece of art created for a sea swap in Israel.

Made from recycling material or things that I had at my home (vintage, old or new), and several technique.

I think it was my first time that I didn't want to send it out.

So I hope it will be find a good home.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

White measurement

It's little bit difficult to create something to person that you never met, and I only know about her that she master in one stroke painting, make some sewing and scrapbooking.

I have a theme swap- white, but what I do with that?
So I made a little search and I found that Racheli as you know her as schnitzel (escallop...) likes vintage, words and something with humor. After some days I met her in the first time in scrap event here in Israel.

Some weeks ago I saw this post and I would love to try something like that and I thought it will be match to Racheli. I was looking for propriety picture on the net, I think I found it on flickr it was package of vintage sewing pattern.
So I had a picture and I was looking for propriety sentences to mix them with the picture, I found them in my library they were in old Hebrew Burda booklet.

It start with that words: "The first measurement" = White measurement;

And continue with that words:

"Is always an event to wait in suspense.

Where you get the first compliments again from your faithful assistant for this purpose .
If the problems form when you are measuring the paper sector on your body, you can just put an end them for ever.
Close the seams, stitches and if you have a zipper - stitches too.
Put dress and close the opening properly (mid to middle).
First, let your mind on the upper part of the dress - then start top-down... "

I typing that on my computer and start to play with all the ingredients until I satisfied.

I print the pattern and start to embroidery...And here is it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pink reversible tote

I created this little reversible tote for Anna in Poland, who knows her as pink-orange-red Ann.

I have fetish to scraps so I took most of the fabrics from my cosmopolitan "scrap bag", the blue one is only one that was FQ, and that one with tailor form bust are handmade by stamps.

The handles (the grey strips) were recycling from shutters.

I like the results, are you like that too?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Alice in Wonderland bowl

It was so much fun to create this paper mache big bowl for Alice in Wonderland swap in Israel.
The bowl outside with some hand drawing motif from Alice in Wonderland by acrylic paints on Hebrew book pages.

The bowl inside is the big mushroom, with Hebrew book page dots.

And the border is crochet with vintage thread from my grand mother (over than 50 years). I like the unique touch that it is making.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Should I do that?

I need to do that or I should to do that?

That the question, and I have no answer.

But I did it.