Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Healthy wishes

What are your wishes for the Jewish New Year? Zohar asked for healthy life for her and her family.

I think many of us had a lot of words to describe what is healthy life, but what can I do if I should not use words for that? I need to create a piece of art or craft without words as main issue? How can I do that?

So I looking for health goddess and I find that  Hygieia was the goddess of health. If so I decide to create hanging doorknob with her face to keep house health.


For now I make for her family, what can I create for her health?

I keep reading about Hygieia and found that she had some representations during the history, and also nowadays. One of them is Hypatia, which even once did not married in the assertion that is "betrothed to truth", but what is the truth?

What is the internal truth of the person? The truth that bestows the mental health and the physiological health.

I was looking for truth symbol and found that at druidism (one of the nations of the Celtic), am Awen (inspiration in Welsh). The three of the rudiments of this symbol are understand of the truth, love of the truth and guarding of the truth.

So I decided to created this pendant that supposed to give inspiration to her truth, the truth that will bestow mental health & physiological.

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